TRAVEL STORY | Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The Costa Ricans have a phrase “PURA VIVA”, which holds special meaning to them. It translates to “pure life”, meaning ‘life is good – live to your fullest’. We certainly took to ‘Pura Viva’ attitude !! During our visit to Tamarindo, Costa Rica we wanted to improve out surf skills. So we signed on with CR Surf Adventures. What an excellent choice that turned out to be! The guys at CR Surf Adventures were stellar. They took care of everything. We had transportation to & from the airport. Our accommodations at The Diria were arranged. We got surf coaching everyday. They even plan two additional activities for you that are included in your package. The hotel was beautiful and we would highly recommend it. The surf instructors (we mainly worked with Cesar & Chino) at CR were great. They assessed our ability and worked on the skills we needed to improve. Even if you are an advanced surfer, they still provide coaching & tours which bring you to locations that you might not be able to get to on your own. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they know everyone in town &  if you’re in the water with them you never have to worry about locals giving you dirty looks! We would not hesitate to return.

Arriving in Tamarindo

Here I am – Happy girl!!

My husband Chris – he is a happy camper too!

A Costa Rican sunset

Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a SURF town!! Scenes from the famous surf movie Endless Summer were filmed here. I think I lost count at just how many surf shops were in town. The one shop we wanted to find, we didn’t. The famed Robert August (we own a namesake board) of Endless Summer, has his shop here. We wandered, but we did not find it? Just an excure to go back !

Thank CR Adventure!! Our skill are improving!!

Surfing makes you tired, but very HAPPY! | Imperial – Costa Rican Beer

Another Great sky !!

Other travel tips for Tamarindo:

The Diria is the biggest, and I think the nicest hotel in town. It is centered on the beach, which is is very long. The restaurant in the hotel is pretty good! We were surprised at how many great  little restaurants were in town, so there are no shortage of places to eat. The Wild Panda (good vegetarian) is owned by Junior, a CR surf instructor, Portofino has good pizza, Bamboo has great sushi, Eat @ Joe’s great burgers & nachos, and many great beach places serving fish!! Try to fly into Liberia, as it is significantly closer airport. There are many other activities to do there, aside from surfing. You can take a canopy zipline tour (which we did & was lots of fun), snorkeling , ATV jungle tours, and horseback riding. No matter what you do there you will certainly  experience PURA VIVA!

Tomorrow’s post will be an artist story from Tamarindo! Come back all week for more inspiration!!