MY WORK: BoHo Beachy Girl

I think the best way to describe me & my style would be “BoHo Beachy Girl”. I feel most at home by the sea, with the sun on my face, an the salt air in  my hair. Any thing with fun patterns, bright colors, and a laid back vibe makes me happy. This is how I arrive at “my style”. I have worked hard to fill my etsy shop with lots of fun things that suit this description for you to enjoy. I know have things for your home & for your self. Pillows and arts prints to decorate and make your home a happy home. Pretty phone cases, make-up case, and even my new line of legging to make you feel effortlessly adorned in style. Please have a look as I grow and expand my SHOP. Thank you & Maholo in advance.



Schatzi Brown on  ETSY
Schatzi Brown on ETSY




Parrot Ekahi b



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