Aloha FridayAloha Friday. Seven years ago my love affair with Hawaii started. I do not live there. I am not from there, but I feel an intense connection and a sense of home to the Islands. A piece of my heart and soul will always be there. We joke in our home that “Operation move to Hawaii” is always in the back of our minds, maybe someday it be a reality. The insane natural beauty, the beautiful people, the culture,  the low key outdoor  lifestyle, and the “Aloha Spirit” are always an inspiration for me. To honor my Island love, I wanted to start this “Aloha Friday” photo series. Every Friday I will post a photo manipulation from my Hawaiian travels. Enjoy!


Inspiration: Eye C U

Eye C U
For some reason, I have been inspired by lately by the concept of the third eye. Some scientists believe that we do actual have a sixth sense so to speak.  A knowing before we know and that location of a ‘pre’-perception is located in a an area of the brain right behind the eyes.
Plus I just think think these evil eye prints are quirky fun, so I created my Third Eye Print.
Third Eye by SchatziBrown
Third Eye by SchatziBrown