HELLO & WELCOME  to the 2nd Passion for Pattern Blog Hop. It’s the easiest way to take a trip around the  and meet designers from all over!! A big “THANK YOU” to Claire Smillie for organizing! If you are joining in the middle you can start at the beginning at Claire’s blog here:

Hopefully, you are coming to me from the lovely Liz Smith of Elle Jane Designs.

My name is Tanya Brown & I design under the name “Schatzi Brown”. I live on Long Island by  the ocean with my husband, Chris. By day I am an elementary school art teach, by night a pattern & graphic designer. I love to travel, I love the ocean, the beach, and being outdoors. I love working with watercolors and hand drawn motif’s. I love bright colors and that beachy bohemian vibe!!

I have been working hard all summer on some new designs, many of which are making their way onto my Society6 Shop. Below is some of my newer works.

MY WORK | Moonrise – Opal
MY WORK | Tribal Stripe - Purple
MY WORK | Tribal Stripe – Purple

I also worked hard uploading a lot of my designs and made them available on lots of different products on Zazzle. I love Zazzle because they have many different quality products, my favorites include the skateboard decks & doodle speakers! They also offer a few nice textile items like napkins, tea towels, and pillows produced by a company called American MoJo. American MoJo supports single mom’s and helps them get them into the work force! So buying a pretty pillow or towel helps to support two women at once!! Below are my “moonrise” patterns in Decks and some macbook sleeves produced by Rickshaw. I ordered an ipad sleeve in one of my patterns, produced by Rickshaw, and I was very happy with the color & quality. All available at Zazzle!

MY WORK | Skateboard Decks
MY WORK | Skateboard Decks
MY WORK | Laptop Sleeves
MY WORK | Laptop Sleeves

I just got my Envelop store up & running where I posted my “Jungle Fever” pattern to all of the products. Many more patterns to come!!!

MY WORK | Jungle Fever

I  also just signed on with Hunt & Gather Studio to sell some patterns & designs outright!! Very excited about that! You can find my guest blogging with “Pattern Reports” over at Pattern People Blog.

My future plans include lots more designs coming down the line. A lot more florals, tropicals, and ethnically influenced patterns! I am also starting to work on some hand drawn typography, mystical creature illustrations! I also plan to expand my ESTY shop with graphic design services like shop banners & buttons. Please check back at my blog for pattern inspiration, color palettes, artist stories, and more. So stay tuned for sure!!!

Next up on the Blog Hop is the lovely Virginia Kamau over at Njeri Designs:



  1. Fantastic news Tanya…looking at there site..which is absolutely AMAZING i can see you are a perfect fit for them! Always love your work and I am loving the feather inspirations on the board below as well as the report on Pattern People. So many good things happening for you Tanya, I have nooo idea how you manage to fit it all in!

  2. LOVE your designs, Tanya! Didn’t know you were also an art teacher. How great. I wish I skateboarded because I love the deck designs and big congrats on the Hunter+Gather connection. I’m from New Mexico— as someone already said; perfect fit for you!

  3. Those lappy sleeves are TO-DIE-FOR!! They executed so well, nice to see!!! If I skateboarded, I’d buy your designs. Ever think about designing snowboarding equipment or clothing?? That’s what I think of when I look at some of your patterns! So nice and bright on snowy slopes 🙂

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