ARTIST STORY | Tamarindo Pottery Studio

My husband and I took a recent trip to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It was an amazing place and I can’t wait until we can return. Tamarindo is small beach town on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is famed for it’s surf! It’s great place to learn surfing or to hone your skills, if you are more advanced. I’ll be writing more about our trip through out this weeks post’s. During an afternoon wandering the town, we meet ceramist Arbin Espinosa Guevara who owns and runs Guaitil Pottery Studio.

Guaitil Pottery Studio | Arbin working on a piece | Artist painting and adding decorated elements

I was immediately drawn to the beautiful patterns on the pieces and my husband was intrigued by the traditional pre-columbian methods, as he teaches ceremics. Arbin was kind enough to let us all around his studio and explained to us the traditional methods he uses. We were able to chat with & watch two of his fellow artists painting pieces. My favorite part is that they were working in their boardshorts! Hmmm re-thining lifestyle. Live at the beach -wear bathing suit to work – paint beautiful pottery- go for afternoon surf. Where do I sign??

For over 800 years, the Chorotega Indians have been producing organic coil built pottery throughout Central America. This artistic tradition has been passed down, generation to generation, and is one of the remaining indigenous crafts still being practiced in Costa Rica. In the small pottery village of Guaitil, located on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, Arbin Espinosa Guevara was handed down this tradition from his mother. Growing up in the village and being surrounded by this art form, he learned all facets of production and has been practicing this ancient craft ever since.

Arbin also provides lessons and workshops in his studio. You can visit his website HERE

Some of Arbin’s work. We took home the one on the bottom right.

More beautiful patterns and traditional Costa Rica animals and motif’s.

Not only does Abrin have a fab little pottery studio in a great little beach town but, his wife Tricia is an artist as well. She make awesome metal and leather jewelry. She has a great little hand-made jewelry boutique right next to his store. Her site is .


One thought on “ARTIST STORY | Tamarindo Pottery Studio

  1. Hi Tanya:

    Thank you so much for writing this post about my studio and workshop **and the mention of my wife’s boutique also 🙂 ** I’m so glad that you and your husband had a chance to stop by and see the process I use to make Costa Rican pre-Columbian pottery. Hopefully we’ll see you again!

    Pura Vida!

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