ABPSD group photo at PRINTSOURCE
Rachel Gresham | Mary Tanana |Deborah Velasquez | Helen Billett | Tanya Brown | Femi Ford | Emine Ortega

The first “alumni” of the ABPSD course from Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls got a chance to meet up at the summer Printsource textile show in NYC this week. All the ladies above participated in the course and are now starting their careers in the pattern & surface world. We had great time walking the show and meeting in person for the first time. We had a chance to talk about what we have done so far and what we like to do next! Then we walked the streets of New York City to the Indigo textile show, with a few inspirational stops along the way of course! A big THANK YOU to Beth & Rachael, from all of us!!!

Please check out what each of these designers are up to:

Rachel Gresham | www.rachelgreshamdesign.com

Helen Billett | www.meringueinc.ca

Deborah Velasquez | www.deborahvelasquez.blogspot.com

Emine Ortega | www.emineortega.blogspot.com

Mary Tanana | www.groovity.blogspot.com

Femi Ford | www.femiford.com

Tanya Brown (me) | www.schatzibrown.com

Marimekko store NYC

One of our inspirational stops was to the Marimekko Store in NYC , where they were kind enough to let us take some photos.


5 thoughts on “ABPSD Class at PRINTSOURCE

  1. Lovely write up. Thanks for the link back to the blog. 🙂
    So funny, I have similar photos of the Marimekko love the small bowl plate as well. Will let you know when I post. You will laugh, we like similar things but… our color palettes are so different. Just love that!!

  2. Fun,fun, fun! Love that you all had a chance to meet up and spend time together. I recognize a few faces in your pic. from my “online” other- world. Hoping to get a chance to visit NYC in the spring for the Surtex show. Julie

  3. Yay! Had such a wonderful time with all of you ladies, wish I could have continued to Indigo! Thanks for all of the Photoshop tips, “Schatzi”! Checked out your Zazzle products, they all look fantastic!

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