ARTIST STORY | Alison Gledhill

ARTIST STORY | Alison Gledhill
ARTIST STORY | Alison Gledhill

I love these pretty tied-dyed /leather bags from etsy shop Gracedesign by Alison Gledhill. They are serene, and a perfect match of beauty & function. Alison Gledhill is an designer and artist living in Toronto, Canada. With a background in textiles and costume design, she creates these beautifully hand crafted bags, scarfs, and kimono jackets. She draws inspiration from her many world travels and nature.

“I find inspiration in the sunshine and the quiet, solitude, nature and its wonderfulness, animals and their often hilarious and heartbreakingly beautiful eccentricities, excellent music and dancing outdoors in the summer, coffee and wine, colour, texture and my lifelong search for beauty.” -Allison

You can find her lovely work here on Etsy: GRACEDESIGN


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