ARTIST STORY | April Deacon

ARTSIST STORY | April Deacon
ARTSIST STORY | April Deacon

Ohio artist April Deacon has a knack for creating something new and freash from objects of the past.  She mixes modern color palettes with vintage textiles and other found objects. Check out her awesomely quirky Etsy shop Aprilawakening, where you can find these beautifully painted vintage textiles. Here is what she says about her process:

“These are the objects I am drawn to. Items once treasured by someone litter the shelves of antique stores and exist in droves at flea markets. My desire is to resurrect forgotten memories through these pieces. Discarded photographs, textiles, jewelry findings and more, take on new life with a fresh coat of paint. I want to create a longing for these once undesired objects.”


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